Greg Coulson Tour Dates

Greg has his own special, fiery, impassioned brand of rhythm and blues, putting his own stamp on the music of the greats who inspire him - Ray Charles, Steve Winwood, Booker T, Taj Mahal, Steely Dan, Little Feat, and more. Greg breathes new life into what is often considered Vintage music, reminding people of all ages of why this music once dominated the world. " "His style is rhythmic, fluid and above all, very exciting" - Classic Rock presents the Blues Magazine "If you think you have heard everything, then think again – The Greg Coulson Band are so cool my Goosebumps had Goosebumps” - Blog Of The Blues “The Best Band I’ve seen in ages!” - Mickey Gallagher (The Blockheads) "The Crazy and exciting Organ solos of Greg Coulson" - Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 6 Music "Greg Coulson is a hyperactive example of the ability of the blues to grab new generations with it's indefinable magic. Definitely one to watch!" - Classic Rock Presents The Blues Magazine